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Q: How long after a race will the photos be uploaded to your website?

A: Photos are likely to be available within 24 hours. However, with larger races, or when we have many races on the same day, this period may be extended. If this is the case, we will always keep you informed on progress.

Q: How long after an event will the photos remain on the site?

A: Photographs will usually remain on the site for approximately 3 months after an event.

Q: Why do the photos on the website have a lower resolution?

A: If photos were at full resolution, your browsing speed would be slow as images would take longer to download to your screen. We therefore reduce the resolution of the previews but, once ordered, you'll get the full size and resolution that you have ordered.

Q: Why are there no photos of 'me' in my Gallery?

A: Although the event photographers make every effort to capture everybody on the day, we cannot guarantee this. Occasionally, our photographers will miss competitors. For example, if they are obscured from view by other runners when passing our photographers. Please be sure to check all of the images in the galleries!. If we can't see your entire race bib number we can't index it. All events are also sorted via photo time taken and course area.

Q: Can I order prints? And why print with you?

A: Yes, you can order prints for your images from the selection displayed under 'Price List' within the event gallery. Printing is done by professional grade partner labs in the UK using top quality printers and paper. You can save money printing with us, as you do not have to buy the original full sized image or a larger size that is essential for printing. All print orders are shipped directly to you, which is why we need your name and address upon check out.

Q: When will I get my photos?

A: All images can be purchased for download and delivered instantly to you via a digital link within the site and via email. No waiting for CD's like other companies! Print orders are automatically fulfilled and sent directly to one of our top quality professional printing partner labs in the UK as soon as you have checked out and paid. So, once you order a print on the website, it's sent immediately off for processing and is carefully packaged & ships, typically, within 48 hours to your chosen delivery address.

TIP: If you are using a business email address to receive the digital download files it may be blocked by your IT department's safe email policy due to attachements. Please contact them to release it or check your Spam folder. You can also contact us via email and we will happily resend the order email.

Q: What is cropping?

A:Once you have selected your photo, it is possible to remove unwanted borders and select a portrait or landscape orientation for your photo. There are limitations to the extent of cropping but there are simple instructions once you get to this stage on the website. This tool may be available for selected races only. You can also convert any images to black and white in the shopping cart.

Q: What are the different sizes and resolutions for digital downloads?

A:  Digital image downloads are available in a range of sizes (Original Full (>3000px), Medium (1200px) and Small (800px) aka: 'Facebook sized'). Larger sizes = higher resolution (more pixels (px)), higher quality (pixels per inch) and more printing size options and final uses. (Tip: Think of your TV at home; A Full sized image is comparable to a modern 4K HD TV!)

The smallest size called: "Downsized to 800px" on our system, is our dedicated Facebook ready size, which is optimised for use on social networks and mobile phones only. (800px is the industry standard default screen resolution size that applications like Facebook always compresses images to, when you upload)

Q: Tell me about payments and PayPal?

A: All payments are safe and secure via the well trusted PayPal secure gateway. All major credit and debit cards are accepted and you do not need to create a PayPal account. All orders are fulfilled automatically. Therefore, once you have paid via Pay Pal the order is sent off immediately for processing and printing or if it's a digital download, you'll instantly receive the download link and a confirmation email with links.

PAYPAL TIP: You do not need to create or login to a PayPal account. If you do not have an account, Please use the 'PayPal Guest Checkout' or the 'Pay with Debit / Credit Card Button' option. For new buyers, signing up for a PayPal account is now optional. This means you can complete payments first, and then decide whether to save your information in a PayPal account for future purchases. Your financial details won’t be shared with us, the merchant, and remain confidential, private, safe and secure.

NB: Enter your delivery address on our website checkout and the billing address within PayPal. The Billing address must match your registered bank card address as with many other merchant banking systems.

Q: Why are there bold watermarks across all the images in the gallery?

A: *THE COPYRIGHT PROTECTED SPORTS ACTION PHOTO WATERMARK WILL NOT BE VISIBLE ON ANY PURCHASED ITEMS* NB: We do on rare occasions get dishonest people trying to steal images without paying. We work very hard on commission only at some events and are independent but official photographers for the event organisers. Although it's a very small minority, we do have a security flag embedded within the metadata of the image. This acts as a 'website cyber tracker' so any images taken unlawfully will be traced and reported as the system automatically notifies us of it's location. In an ideal world we would not have to invest in such advanced security measures to protect our livelihood. Please do support our hard work, time and effort by buying the images. Any purchased image removes any watermarks and meta data trackers and the image is then all yours to keep!

*Refunds: If you are not entirely satisfied with an image you have ordered we'll happily assist you with a replacement, make editing adjustments or offer a full refund*


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